Was IsrACTION day a cynical gesture?

Food bank investigation by the Sunday Mirror

As editor of the Jewish Media Agency I am being attacked on social media because I did not cover the recent IsrACTION day, held in the UK on Sunday December 21st.

IsrACTION day involved the purchasing of Israeli-made products from supermarkets and delivering the food to homeless shelters and local food banks.

With the slogan “Beat the Boycotts – Help the Homeless,” the nationwide campaign was led by Sussex Friends of Israel and Northwest Friends of Israel.

I am a passionate Zionist but the reason I took exception to this campaign is because it is quite obviously a publicity stunt –  a cynical gesture designed to raise the profile of certain grassroots Israel advocacy groups.

If the Jewish community wants to help the homeless, then it should do so without fuss. Homelessness and food poverty are serious issues. But Sussex Friends of Israel and Northwest Friends of Israel have hijacked these problems for their own self-promoting ends.

Yes, the end result is good – lots of food for the poor. But the motive behind IsrACTION day is questionable.

And that’s the reason why the I didn’t cover the story.