A violation of the Jewish people’s biggest tragedy

A Facebook page (“I Acknowledge Apartheid Exists”) supporting the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign has uploaded a modified image of Jewish concentration camp survivors holding anti-Zionist placards.


The manipulated picture shows prisoners of the Nazis holding up signs that read “Stop the Holocaust in Gaza,” “Free Palestine” and “Gaza the world’s biggest concentration camp.”


What can one say about this image? Cruel? Disgraceful? Obscene? No words can really sum up this picture. It is beyond words. An image such as this can only provoke a feeling of horror. The viewer senses that something sacrilegious has taken place. It is a malevolent violation of the Jewish people’s biggest tragedy.

Of course, the purpose of the image is to disturb and distress. It is meant to provoke widespread revulsion. And so it does. But it does more than that. It invokes a kind of moral panic – and that is why it’s so difficult to talk about the photo. No matter how many words we use, there is something inexhaustible about the image, always something that remains to be said. That’s what horror does to us. It renders us speechless, senseless, unable to formulate a satisfactory response.

[The original image, before it was manipulated, can be viewed at http://www.ushmm.org/lcmedia/photo/lc/image/66/66297.jpg]