Ways to help Israel

In times of trouble, Israel advocates (especially those who are new to the cause) may ask themselves, ‘How can I help the Jewish State?’ or ‘How can I support the Jewish people?’

Here are ten ways you can support Israel and the Jews.

  1. Support Israel’s export market by purchasing gifts online from websites like shopinisrael.com and israel-catalog.com. Buy Israeli produce from your local supermarket.
  2. Shun trade unions and businesses that have signed up to the boycotts, divestments and sanctions (BDS) agenda.
  3. Report all instances of anti-Semitism to the Police and/or relevant authorities.
  4. Write to politicians and the media to express your concern about anti-Semitism, anti-Israel hostility and media bias.
  5. Organise and/or take part in pro-Israel marches and demonstrations. Hand out leaflets, talk to the public.
  6. Become familiar with Israel’s history, its ancient roots and its modern rebirth. Alan Dershowitz’s Case for Israel and Efraim Karsh’s Palestine Betrayed are excellent books.
  7. Use social media to make the progressive case for Israel – a democratic state where there is freedom of worship and expression, and protection of minorities.
  8. In conversations and in the media, highlight the Arab people’s history of political rejectionism and their refusal to live alongside the Jews in the Middle East.
  9. Give to charities that help Israel, such as Magen David Adom, which is Israel’s only medical emergency response service.
  10. Punish the “Islamoconomy” by not buying goods or services from Muslim countries. Instead of holidaying in Turkey or Dubai, holiday in a “non-Muslim” country, preferably Israel.