Zanzibar acid attack: UK media whitewash?

Two British Jewish girls have been attacked in Zanzibar, a semi-autonomous part of Tanzania in east Africa. The two teens, who were volunteer teachers on the predominantly Muslim island, had acid thrown in their faces by men driving by on a moped.

The way this story is being reported is significant. In Britain, the media has so far declined to raise the possibility that is an anti-Semitic attack. The BBC’s News at Ten, for example, failed to mention that the girls were Jewish. The broadcaster kept repeating the police mantra that a motive has not been established – but surely it is worth asking whether it could have been motivated by anti-Semitism.

Why is the BBC and Channel 4 News etc afraid to raise the possibility that the acid attack is an example of Islamic violence against Jews? Is it because the British media would have us believe that Muslims are not capable of hurting Jews? Has the Israeli-Palestinian narrative distorted editorial decision-making to such an extent that Jews are no longer considered victims?