Press TV tops worst news poll

In a private poll of around 100 freelance journalists, Iran’s Press TV has been cited as the most unreliable and biased international news organization.

Other news organizations named and shamed were Saudi Arabia’s Al Jazeera, Britain’s Morning Star and Russia’s Russia Today.

79 out of 103 freelance journalists – from Britain, Canada, the US, France, Germany, Australia, Netherlands and Italy – said Press TV was “very guilty” of biased media coverage, hysterical headlines and anti-Semitic content.

press tv

Press TV’s obsessions with Israel, Zionism, conspiracy theories and Holocaust denial were cited as reasons why the Iranian news outlet cannot be trusted or taken seriously. The fact that it is a division of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting and is funded by the Iranian state does not lend Press TV any credibility, either.

One freelance journalist in the Netherlands described Press TV as “unremittingly awful” and she questioned why any self-respecting journalist would want to work for an organization that “demonizes Jews.”

With its headquarters in Tehran, Press TV was launched in 2007 and has correspondents around the world. It is closely linked with far-right/white supremacist media organizations in the USA, including the American Free Press and Veterans Today.