The BBC’s pro-Palestinian posturing

Newsnight – the BBC’s flagship nightly news program – has once again revealed itself to be nothing more than the propaganda outlet for the Palestinians.

To mark the 90th birthday of Israeli president Shimon Peres, Newsnight focused on his efforts to bring about a two-state solution. Unfortunately, the BBC made a number of schoolboy errors regarding the impasse between Israel and the Palestinians.

The principle mistake was allowing a Palestinian spokesman to expound the ludicrous view that Jewish settlements are the obstacle to peace. The BBC (as usual) did not bother to explain why this narrative is false.

Between 1948 and 1967 there was not a single settlement on the West Bank or in Gaza. And yet the Arab states refused to make peace with Israel and made no attempt to establish a Palestinian state when they had the chance.

When the Israelis pulled out of Gaza, the Palestinians could have laid the foundations of a functioning state. Instead, Hamas came to power and launched a war of attrition against the Jewish people.

Nor did the BBC mention the fact that the Palestinians have repeatedly rejected a two-state solution – most notoriously when Arafat walked away from the Camp David summit in 2000.

There a myriad reasons why Jewish settlements are not an obstacle to peace and why the Palestinians are culpable for their own mess. But don’t expect the BBC to present the truth.