Israelis urged to boycott McDonald’s

It’s a strange world indeed when anti-globalization protestors and pro-Israel supporters refuse to dine in McDonald’s.

Anarchists view the fast food franchise as totemic of corporate capitalism and an example of American cultural hegemony. In recent days Belfast police had to form a human shield around a McDonald’s eatery as protestors gathered to demonstrate against the G8 summit.

And now pro-Israel supporters have called for a boycott of the fast food chain after it refused an offer to open a restaurant in Ariel, in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank).

In response, a number of Israelis have called for a boycott of McDonald’s. Yigal Delmonti, from the Council of Jewish Communities, says that McDonald’s “has turned from a business into an organization with an anti-Israeli political agenda.”

And a sign posted on the My Israel Facebook page reads, “McDonald’s – I’m not loving it.”

A rival to McDonalds called Burger Ranch has agreed to fill the gap in the market and will open a restaurant in Ariel next year.

It’s not every day that Zionists and anarchists share the same political goal!