David Cameron appoints passionate Zionist

It is excellent news that committed Zionist Ian Livingston has been given the job of UK trade minister.

Mr Livingston, who is currently the chief executive of BT, will take up the role in December, following the retirement of Lord Green.

Prime Minister David Cameron describes Mr Livingston as “an outstanding business leader and it is a testament to the importance of this role that he has agreed to serve in the government in this capacity.”

Livingston is an active member of an Orthodox synagogue in London and is a keen supporter of Israel and Jewish charities.

He is a great admirer of Israel, describing it as the “most amazing state in the world.” He is not uncritical of Israel, however. He does not agree with the current government in Israel, which he thinks is taking the country in the wrong direction in relation to the peace process.

His criticism of the Netanyahu administration has not stopped many of Israel’s enemies criticizing the appointment of Mr Livingstone. Numerous media outlets hostile to the Jewish state have run uncomplimentary pieces on the BT boss, with an editorial in Al Jazeera referring to him as an “Israeli stooge” who is complicit in “crimes against humanity.”

But sod the critics. Good luck to Mr Livingstone and well done to David Cameron for appointing someone who is so passionate about the Jewish state.